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Banbao Defence Force Frigate (858 pieces)


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Designed to escort the larger ships in the Banbao fleet the Frigate is fast and agile, no other navy ship can keep up with it.

Help the BanBao navy defeat the enemies.

This set contains 858 building bricks and many more cool accessories.

Buy the Frigate today and start building!

Suitable for sailors from the age of 5.


Banbao allows children of every age group to be introduced to toys that let them chase their dreams and which will contribute to their educational development. The themes created are in sync with children’s realm of thought and challenges children to explore the boundaries of their own creativity.

BanBao is compatible (and can be interchanged) with other major brands of plastic building bricks. The Banbao brick has the same width and length of the other brands, interlocks well, and the BanBao Tobee figurines are interchangeable.

When mixing BanBao with the other brands there is a small height difference but this can be eliminated easily enough as 2 normal height BanBao bricks equals the height of 2 brand bricks + 1 slim brick (plate). Which makes it even more fun!


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