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Dal Rossi Italy – Chinese Checkers with Marble Balls 38cm



Dal Rossi Italy – Chinese Checkers with marble balls 38cm. A beautiful set of Chinese Checkers. This set would look nice n any home.

Chinese checkers (US spelling) or Chinese chequers (UK spelling) is a board game of German origin  which can be played by two, three, four, or six people, playing individually or with partners.

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Click here to learn about history and rules of Chinese Checkers

Caution: Choke hazard


Dal Rossi Italy

Dal Rossi Italy proudly brings to you Uniqueness – Exclusive Design - Superior Quality and Affordability. Dal Rossi Italy is the epitome of sophistication, elegance and superior quality. Their scope is about having a gracious, cultured existence making available to you flawless, uncompromising and beautifully selected pieces which will remain eternal treasures in your home.


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