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Fun Factory – Farm Truck with Animals


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The truck/tractor pulls along 3 trailers that can carry the farm set pieces inside.

The set includes the tractor and 3 trailers, six farm animals, six fence pieces, two trees, a smaller tractor and trailer and a dog kennel which fits inside the smaller trailer.

The trailers and tractor can be connected and disconnected easily.

The length of the entire product is over a half a meter long.

Your child will adore setting up their wooden farm and will enjoy the freedom of being able to pack the farm into the trailer and relocate to greener pastures.

Suitable 3 years +

In stock with Supplier

Fun Factory is a brand committed to providing products of quality, safety and value. Fun Factory aim to develop quality toys with a focus on providing continuous play value and opportunities for the children. Toys primarily cater for children aged between 1-8; a period of rapid development. As such, they provide toys which encourage learning and provide hours of engaging exploration.

 The majority of the toys are made from wood – a natural, sustainable material with a number of benefits. Wooden toys are solid and are well suited to handle the day to day use by children.

Toys comply with Australian and European toy safety standards. Paints used by Fun Factory are safe and non-toxic.

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