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Maori Dolls – Porcelain on Stand – Wahine with Feather Cloak and Poi (20cm)


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These delightful porcelain Maori Dolls make a great addition to a doll collection.

These authentically clothed New Zealand dolls were first crafted in 1951. Each doll has been carefully crafted in traditional Maori dress using natural materials.

The wide range of styles available in these dolls shows the varying types of clothing worn by the Maori before European culture replaced traditional styles.

The cloaks are made from feathers or woven from natural fibres. The grass skirts and piupiu are created from similar fibres to thsoe originally used by the Maori people.

The Warriors are ready for issuing the challenge complete with taiaha weapons, and the wahine have their pois at the ready for the traditional action songs.

Some of the dolls have the spectacular moko designs tattooed to their faces – symbols of prestige and mana.

Some of the dolls also feature the Hei Tiki – a spiritual neck pendant.




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