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National Geographic – Slime Lab


MAKE GLOWING SLIME – Become a scientist and experiment with slippery, gooey, blue and green slime!

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Kids love experimenting and this kit will excite them and stir their interest in science.

MAKE GLOWING SLIME – Become a scientist and experiment with slippery, gooey, blue and green slime!

PERFECT FOR PARTIES Gross out your friends with this slimy glow-in-the-dark science project!

FUN AND EDUCATIONAL – Kids will learn the science behind glow in the dark with our educational guide (written by teachers)

COMPLETE SLIME SCIENCE KIT – Two slime powders, stirring stick, 2 storage containers, adventure guide, and activity booklet

AWARD-WINNING QUALITY  Hands-on fun with the grossest, ooziest science kit ever! With this Slime Science Kit from Dr. Cool kids can make their very own glow-in-the-dark slime right at home.

This kit includes: Mixing powders for blue and green glow in the dark slime Stirring stick and two slime storage containers Adventure guide full of slime science, written by teachers Activity booklet with 10 extra puzzles and challenges Additional Slime recipes for even more slimy fun!

Make green and blue slime for gooey, gross science play- it makes learning so fun, children can’t put it down! Our full-colour adventure guide is the perfect way to learn about slime and phosphorescence, and the activity booklet contains 10 games, puzzles, and challenges for even more fun and learning.

This Slime Science Kit makes a great gift for boys and girls age 6 to 15, and its perfect for science-themed parties and sleep-overs. So put on your lab coat and prepare to get slimy, when you Discover with Dr. Cool. Get your kit today and become a slime scientist!




National Geographic


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